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Behind the Scenes: Story Writing Template

Being a full-time vandweller, I’m always looking for the easiest way to do things. It doesn’t matter if it’s setting up, or breaking camp. Cooking, or trying to keep the van warm or cold. I’m constantly on the lookout for a better way.

The same goes for writing. I’m always looking for an easier way to organise, create characters and plot lines. So, I read books and watch writing videos on YouTube and Amazon.

Two books by James Scott Bell have really helped me with the second book in the Pickles and Piper series. They are: “Write Your Novel From the Middle,” and “How to Write Pulp Fiction.” The first book gave me a good template to work with, and the second gave me a plot generator! The template and generator have made life so much nicer.

How? Well, think about the last time you made a resume.  I bet you went on Word and found a template to use.  Why? Because templates make the process go faster! They do the same for writing books!

A video that also helped me a lot is Rob Parnell’s, “The Easy Way to Write Short Stories That Sell.” His 5 Pt plot line is fantastic, and you can expand it for any length of book or story you write.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the template with you so you can see how I’ve combined Parnell and Scott’s methods. Click here to see the whole thing and read the bits and bobs.

Friday, I’ll share more tricks I use when writing stories that make life easier!

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