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Casting Call!

While finishing up “The Ghosts of Springhollow,” and working on my outline of the sequel, “Revenge of The Turd,” I realised I’m in need of three extra kids in the story – 2 jerks, and 1 nice kid.

So, I came up with a fun idea! For 1 cuppa coffee, you can have your child in “Revenge of The Turd.” (coming out in September)  Just let me know if they want to be a jerk or nice.  🙂 They’ll also have a special mention at the back of the book for participating.  I only need 3 kids, so it’s first come, first serve.  🙂 One cup per kid.

Looking forward to seeing who my 3 new characters are!  Make sure you check the number of cups served. When you see 4, the entries are filled.

Click the link here or in the sidebar to participate!  🙂


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One Step Closer…


I’m down to the last two chapters to revise, and then I’m sending off to my nephew so he can read it to his family. If my great-niece gives the thumbs up – it’s a go. Yeah, always trust kids with your story – especially really blunt kids.  🙂

I still have a good deal of editing to do. The grammar went wonky as I went along. So, once I get the thumbs up, it’s off to the thing I hate most in life – grammar.  lol


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Turd Gets Shot!

(brief excerpt from my upcoming book, “The Ghosts of Springhollow.”)

“HE SHOT ME AGAIN! RIGHT IN THE CHEST!” screamed Turd pointing to where the bullet passed through him.

“Turd! You’re already dead!” yelled Piper.


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Choosing a cover artist

I knew when I was writing “The Ghosts of Springhollow” that I needed to hire someone to do the cover. I wanted something neat and cool. I didn’t want the “ready-made” covers you get on Fivver. I wanted my characters.

Then, a friend of mine showed her daughter’s artwork that was on display. Bingo! I asked her if “The Kid” (as I call her) would be interested in doing the artwork for my book cover. She agreed to. I was happy as a lark.

The odd thing is that I had full and total confidence in “The Kid” doing an outstanding job. Odd, because she’s a teenager. Odd, because I remember when she was in a stroller. It would also be her first cover. But I knew she would be brilliant at it.

I told her what I was looking for. Stuff about the characters. What I had in mind for the cover.  A sample of the manuscript. And told her to play with it and see what she could come up with. What she created was way over the top better than anything that came to my mind. And this is the awesome cover she came up with!

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 8.48.10 AM
I turned it into wallpaper, so it’s a little darker than reality.

I love that she got the tin foil on the bike helmets and the rubbish bin lids. At first, I wondered about the handle being on the outside, but if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t know they were lids, so that worked out cool. I also love that she put in hints to come, and Turd in the background. And of course, there are the steampunk goggles! Love it!!!

Once we’ve got the fonts fine-tuned I’ll post the full cover.  🙂  In the meantime, May 24th the book will be available on Kindle. Not sure when the paperback version will be out. It depends on how long it takes me to format it. But it will be coming!  🙂

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Piper Grounded

Piper was still unconscious when they took her to her hospital room. “She’s going to be really upset when she finds out they shaved part of her head for the stitches,” grinned Pickles.
“She’s going to be more upset than that when she finds out she’s grounded for the rest of summer,” replied Sara.
“You can’t do that!” cried Pickles. “We have a job to do.”
“Yeah, well it’s over,” said Sara.
Joe stood by quietly knowing if he valued his life he needed to keep his mouth shut. Sometimes Sara felt more like a combination of mother and pain-in-the-butt sister, than a sister-in-law. He glanced over at Pickles and shrugged his shoulders. She knew he’d find a way to get Piper back in the game. Meanwhile, Turd kept tucking in Piper’s blankets. Turd loved the girls. They’d always had so much fun together. It pained him now to see little Pickles lying lifeless in her hospital bed.
“When is she getting out?” asked Pickles.
“The doctor said she’ll be here for several days, at least,” replied Sara. “And of course, your father will be footing the bill.”
“Ouch,” muttered Joe.