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Stu Meets the Jerk

“NOOOO!!! GO BACK!!! GO BACK!!!” screamed Turd.
Stanley didn’t hesitate. He raced back down and collided into Stu.
“You yelled Turd.”
“Yeah, he’s with us. He went up to see his old room, but your Grandmother just threw him out.”
“Wait! That jerk is in the manor right now?”
“JERK?” yelled Turd. He yanked Stu’s pants down as he ran past with Elena hot on his tail.
Stu looked down at his pants, now lying at his ankles. “Yup! He’s here.”

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A Disturbance in the Force

Just as Stanley started to fall asleep, he jumped out of bed and raced over to Joe’s.
“Bad dream?”
“No. I sense something – a presence I haven’t felt since…” Out of nowhere, a pillow hit Stanley so hard in the head that he hit the floor. “TURD!” he cried.
Suddenly, books, pillows, pens, paper, were flying everywhere. Joe and Stanley were ducking and trying desperately to get to the stairs and escape.

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Kicked out of School

“Kicked out! Kicked out!” cried Piper who was as bad as Hermoine Granger when it came to missing school.
“It’s only for a week,” said Pickles feeling quite happy about not having to go.
“Look at the bright side,” chimed in Stanley. “We’ve got a whole week to find a solution to Turd.”
Piper stopped storming around her room. “What can we do? We’ve tried reasoning with him. That didn’t work. Uncle Joe tried talking to him. Mom has threatened to find a way to make him die a second time. What’s left?”

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Trouble at McWhinnie Manor – Piper

Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t been writing this week, but the nasty beast who is writing our adventures, and basically controlling our lives, has kept us so busy I haven’t had time. Ugh!

Some of it’s been fun. Some of it’s been exciting. But making my enemy fall in love with me? Seriously??? Why don’t guys fall for Pickles? Why is it always me??? I don’t have time for a boyfriend right now. There’s too many mysteries to solve.

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The Scream Heard Round the Cul-de-Sac – 2 of ROUGH Draft of Revenge of the Turd

(Rough draft continues for those who love seeing what a story looks like before the thousand rewrites.)

Pickles kicked her dad, trying to get him to focus again.
“Right,” he said looking back at her. “I’ll have a talk with Turd as soon as I find him.”
Sara realised that was about all she was going to get out of Joe for the morning. She stormed back to her house with Piper following behind, yelling, “He’s banned from my house, Joe!”
Pickles and Joe watched them cross the road. “How do keep a poltergeist out of a house?” mumbled Joe.