meMy name is Yochana. When I was little I had three big dreams: go to England, live in a van, and write a book. I’m happy to say that at 58 I’ve fulfilled all three dreams. I went to England around 2000, moved into a van full-time in 2018 with my cat Lillie, and published my first book, “UFO and Paranormal Activity on the Old Titus Dairy Farm,” in 2019.

screenshot 2019-01-04 at 11.35.53 amTHE BLOG

Now, I’m continuing the writing adventures with my first kids’ book, “The Pickles and Piper Mystery Series.” It’s a series I began back in 2011 for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). The first two in the series were about zombies. They’re not published and I’m tired of zombies. The new P & P series is about UFO’s and the paranormal, which is much more fun.

I’m doing what’s called “blog-a-book.” It’s how I wrote my last one. Every day, I post the rough draft of the story in short 250 – 500 word blog posts. Not all of the book will be on the blog. In fact, after I do a zillion edits and publish it to Kindle, nearly all the posts I’ve made will be deleted.

I’ll also be posting “behind-the-scenes” pics and vids of writing the series. I hope you enjoy the ride!

If you’d like to email me, my email is: paranormalblogabook@gmail.com

Some Trip Pics!

Lillie in her pram having an adventure!
Monument Campground in Michigan 2018
You never know what you’ll see when you step out your door. (Grand Lake in Ohio.)

Cat Pics

The late Rory (RIP) worn out from a day playing. Rory loved adventures. I miss the little rascal.
“Mommy? Why is my food bowl nearly empty?”