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Pickles and Piper Reboot

Hey everyone!

I’ve been MIA while attempting to rewrite book one of the Pickles and Piper series. Absolutely nothing was working, so I decided to do the next best thing – a complete reboot! Everything is changing! I’m rewriting backgrounds, characters, and simplifying the whole thing.

Where I went wrong with book one was too many characters for a short book. That killed me. I also had too many subplots. The reboot only has 4 characters, and the traveling shovel of death. At this point, Piper and her mom are merely mentioned and are no longer key players.

It’s making life so much easier, as is changing the location. Springhollow is out the window. I’m focusing on Titchfield, where Pickles lives. Book 1 now takes place in her own neighbourhood. There’s lots of other changes, as well. If you read clips from the original story on this blog, the differences will make your eyes cross.  🙂

I’m also using Trello to plot and loving it. I have everything I need on one screen: All three acts, characters images, location images, ideas, writing tips, and a To-Do list.

Anyway! Tomorrow is Camp Nano 2020! And I have a lot more planning to do before it begins.

Hope everyone is making the most of lockdown! 🙂