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The Chase Part 2 – Rough Draft “Revenge of the Turd

The two guys who had trapped Stanley and Piper shot off to see what was going on. Pickles and Piper followed from a safe distance behind.
When they got to 2nd St, they saw Pickles leaning against the wall giggling. Turd had come to the rescue. He had pulled Zack’s hat over his face, and then yanked his pants down. The other boys had also been pantsed. For Stanley, who had taken the brunt of the bullies abuse since kindergarten, this was like a dream come true. He quickly pulled out his emergency bag of popcorn and shared it with the girls as they enjoyed the show.
It was all fun and games until the girls heard a voice back in the alley. It was Danny. With Turd entertaining the thugs, the kids shot off into Paws Pet Show and raced to the backroom to hide behind the aquariums.
“Turd at it again,” called a sympathetic voice from the counter.
“Yup!” said Stanley. “He’s really got to get a life!”
“He’s dead,” laughed the cashier.
“You know what I mean,” grinned Stanley.
Stanley quickly slammed the door shut and locked it for safety.
A few minutes later, Danny was in the store. He had chased them here before. “Let me guess,” he growled at the cashier. “They’re in the back room.” The cashier ignored him.
“Unlock it NOW, or I’m calling my dad.”
The cashier looked up and grinned. “You either get out of my store,” she replied sweetly, “or I’m calling your mother.”
Danny froze. He knew she was kidding. Her phone was in her hand. Penny kept Danny’s mom’s number on speed-dial, which tells you how often she had to call.
Danny was breathing hard. “One of these days…” he growled as he pushed the door open and left.