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Jammin’ with the Turd – Piper

Dear Diary,

Went to Pickles house today with my uke and jammed with the Turd, as he now wants to be called. Something about playing the drums has made him want to be called “the” Turd, instead of just Turd.

Anyway, his playing may be driving Pickles crazy, but he’s actually getting better. Uncle Joe ordered him a tambourine from Amazon with little cymbals in the side. That way he won’t have to use a stick and can just focus on the music. He’s as excited as a little kid, which is pretty funny since he’s 187.

I feel sorry for him. Ever since Uncle Joe took up the drums, Turd has wanted to play. It’s a bit tough when you’re a ghost. There’s so many cool things that exist now that didn’t over 100 years ago.  Uncle Joe is trying to work out a way for him to play World of Warcraft with him. I think he’ll pull it off. Uncle Joe can do anything.  🙂