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Die again, Turd! Die! – Pickles

Dear Diary (2:30 AM),

Ugh! Turd is driving me insane!!! It’s like 24/7 he has to play the drum. Actually – it’s not playing! It’s more like constant banging, like some sort of cruel Chinese water torture, or a three-year-old with a spoon and a pot! Pretty much the same thing.

I’ve tried everything to block it out. I tried the fan, a spa machine, ear plugs – nothing works! I went into Dad’s bedroom tonight to protest,  and he was fast asleep with a smile on his face – and wearing a NOISE CANCELING HEADSET! JERK!!! I’m the one who has to get up for school in the morning!  grrrrrrrr

If you never hear from me again, Diary, it’s because I threw myself out the window.


My name is Yochana, or Yo, for short. Growing up on a farm in southeastern Ohio was pretty lonely, so books and art became my best friends. I wrote my first piece of "fan fiction" in fourth grade. It was based on the movie, "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," starring the late Cicely Tyson. That same school year, I wrote a poem that my teacher sent off to a publisher friend. He told her to give me a few years. A little over 20 years later, my poems were published. That to me was a few years. Since then, I've been a reporter who horrified the editors with my grammar skills, wrote for campus publications, written humorous company training manuals, and have written three books. These days, I'm back on the farm taking care of my mom, and living in a '95 Jayco Eagle Mini-motorhome with my cat, Lillie, and three grandkittens. (Thanks, Lillie.)

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