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Making Money for the Comic Con – Piper

Dear Diary,

After we got back from Springhollow, me, Pickles, and Stanley decided to form a band and see if buskers could survive in a small town like ours. Me and Stanley play the ukulele. Pickles is great with her Irish tin whistle, although, I’m a bit sick of hearing “The Hobbit” theme song.

Anyway, we decided to keep it going till the snow flies. We haven’t done bad. Not great, but not bad. We play near Puke’s Alley by the pub. Call it what you like, but if the guys come out drunk enough we get great tips!

Stanley thought we should quit the afternoon someone puked in his gig bag. I agreed, but Pickles somehow managed to talk us into staying. That girl could talk a monkey out of his tail.

In a couple weeks we’ll have enough money to go to the comic con!