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Dying in Titchfield- Piper

Dear Diary,

It’s only the beginning of the school year, but it’s so hot that Pickles, Stanley and me have been seeing how many ways we can fry eggs on the sidewalk.

I hate hot weather. I hate sweating. Call it a girl thing. I don’t care. I hate smelling like a pair of Uncle Joe’s dirty running socks.

This morning, when I got up for school, my pj’s were still damp from sweating all night.  Tonight, Mom and I are moving into the basement guest room until our a/c is fixed.

It’s nice and cool down there. We have beds, a game room, a small living room, and laundry down there. Mom made the most of every inch of space. She’s great at that.

Anyway, bed or not, I’m sleeping on the floor and pretending I’m a polar bear on an iceberg.

PS: The Springhollow Bicenntenial Anniversary Exhibit has FINALLY made its way to Titchfield!!!  The librarian called and said Turd’s diaries are in it! We’re going tomorrow.  I’m so excited!!! What deep dark secrets has Turd been hiding from us? Maybe we’ll find out he had a girlfriend!  🙂