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Spoke too soon – Piper

Dear Diary,

Turd has really done it now. Pickles and I got tossed out of school for the week because of all the pranks Turd has been pulling on Danny. Great. Just great. Our Principal couldn’t figure out why Mom and Uncle Joe weren’t mad at us. He told them that normal parents would at least be correcting their children. Uncle Joe looked at him and laughed, “Yeah, most parents didn’t make 187-year-old poltergeist with a vengeful spirit, their kid’s godfather.”

Pickles and I had to fight hard to keep from giggling. Mom did too. She couldn’t believe Uncle Joe said that, but she enjoyed it as much as we did. I think we’re all finally together on the fact that something has to be done with Turd. Sunday, me, Pickles and Stanley are spending the day at the library and see what we can come up with. Stanley thinks we need to research Springhollow history and see if we can find something on Turd. We’ll see.

Off to bed.