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Turd Update: So Far, So Good – Piper

Dear Diary,

So far, so good. Turd appears to be staying out of our house. I didn’t think it would work. I mean, how do you keep a poltergeist out – especially when said poltergeist is my godfather. That rather gives him permission to come over whenever he wants. But, so far, he’s listening.

Pickles keeps reminding me that he’s a poltergeist and loves to play jokes. Always has. Uncle Joe told mom that Turd used to turn the hot water off on him or my dad when they took showers. Mom had to remind him that it’s one thing for a MALE poltergeist to prank you in the shower when you’re a MALE! It’s quite another for a MALE poltergeist to prank a FEMALE in the shower! Uncle Joe said he’d have a long talk with Turd about what’s proper between the sexes.

Seriously? How can a 187-year-old ghost be that dumb?