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Book 2 in the Works, and Cool Links to Check Out for Writers (and gamers)

Working hard this morning on book 2 in the Pickles and Piper series. This one is going to be so much fun! This morning, while I was out on a walk, I came up with a new character that’s going to add a whole new dimension to the story for Turd.

I also did a cool change up in the story by pulling my favourite character, Rabbi Titchy, in. He’s just too cool to leave out.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll notice the “CSP” buttons at the bottom of the screenshot. Yup. Chaotic Shiny! If you’ve never used her software before, check it out at Chaotic Shiny to try it out, or go to RPGNow .  

I love using it ideas, character creation, generating names, you name it! She’s got it all over there! And, you don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the site. It’s a gold mine for writers!

Meanwhile, Scrivener is open! Off to my adventure!  🙂