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Piper Grounded

Piper was still unconscious when they took her to her hospital room. “She’s going to be really upset when she finds out they shaved part of her head for the stitches,” grinned Pickles.
“She’s going to be more upset than that when she finds out she’s grounded for the rest of summer,” replied Sara.
“You can’t do that!” cried Pickles. “We have a job to do.”
“Yeah, well it’s over,” said Sara.
Joe stood by quietly knowing if he valued his life he needed to keep his mouth shut. Sometimes Sara felt more like a combination of mother and pain-in-the-butt sister, than a sister-in-law. He glanced over at Pickles and shrugged his shoulders. She knew he’d find a way to get Piper back in the game. Meanwhile, Turd kept tucking in Piper’s blankets. Turd loved the girls. They’d always had so much fun together. It pained him now to see little Pickles lying lifeless in her hospital bed.
“When is she getting out?” asked Pickles.
“The doctor said she’ll be here for several days, at least,” replied Sara. “And of course, your father will be footing the bill.”
“Ouch,” muttered Joe.