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The Arrival of Joe and Sara

Pickles stayed by Piper’s side as she waited for the ambulance. “This is all my fault,” said Pickles.
“How is it your fault?” asked Turd from the kitchen door.
“I should have waited for Dad. But I really thought we could pull this one off on our own.”
“You guys are new at dealing with ghosts other than me. Remember, some were jerks when they were alive, and they’re jerks dead. You need to be extra careful.”
Just then, they heard the RV’s pull up. “Joe’s going to kill me.”
“Take it like a dead man, Turd. Take it like a dead man,” smiled Pickles.
Turd laughed. “That’s what I like about you, kid! You can always make me laugh. Even in the face of death.”
“Besides, it’s probably Dad who’s about to die. Sara’s going to kill him for talking her into this.”
“PIPER?” called Sara.
A siren could be heard coming down the road. “I’M IN THE HOUSE. PIPER’S BEEN HURT!”
“JOE!” cried Sara as she dashed for the house.
Joe winced and ran after her.
There lay Piper on the floor, her helmet missing, her hair damp with blood, and Pickles holding a cloth on the wound to stop the bleeding. Sara went so pale that Pickles thought she was going to pass out. “She’ll be ok,” said Pickles in a desperate act to calm her aunt.