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Stuck at the Station

The rest of the trip was uneventful, and the girls fell asleep. They only awakened when the train whistle blew to announce it was entering the Springhollow Station.

Springhollow Station was small. The building was shaped like a brick shoebox, with a pale green wooden sign on the wall announcing the station name.  The town itself was located a quarter mile up the road.

As the train pulled in, both girls looked eagerly out the windows for Grandma. “Do you see her?” asked Piper.

“Not yet,” replied Pickles. “Do you think we should have called her first to let her know we were coming?”

“No. Grandma is a stickler for details. She’ll have it on her calendar.”

Moments later they were standing on the platform with their gear. Still no grandma. No grandpa. No anyone.

“She’s probably just running a little late,” said Piper.

Fifteen minutes passed. Then, twenty. Then, thirty. Still no grandma.

“I’m beginning to feel like one of the Pevensie kids,” said Pickles.



Piper laughed. “Yeah, it is beginning to feel that way.”

“I think we should call her,” said Pickles.


The girls pulled out their phones. “On three,” said Piper. “One…two…three…rock, paper, lizard, scissors, Spock!”

“Yes!!!” cried Pickles. “Lizard pees on rock!”

“Wrong! Rock crushes lizard, pillock!” Piper laughed, pressed Grandma’s name, switched the phone to speaker, and waited.


“Grandma Hairy Lip! Where are you?”

“Hairy lip? Hairy lip?” replied the old woman on the other end with anger. “I hate prank phone calls!”

“Grandma? Grandma, it’s me! Piper!”

There was no response.

“Grandma? Hello?”

“Well, that settles it,” said Pickles. “You’ve either killed her, or she’s hung up.”

“You try calling her.”

Pickles pressed Grandma’s name, switched the phone to speaker, and the girls waited.


“Grandma, this is Pickles.”

“Oh, Pickles! I thought you might be that rude prank caller again.”

The girls covered their mouths giggling. “I’m calling to find out where you’re at?”

“What do you mean where I’m at? I’m at home of course,” laughed Grandma.

“No, I mean, when are you coming after us?”

“Oh, dear, you live way too far away for me to pick you up. Why not have your father bring you.”

The girls looked at one another surprised. “Do you think we made a mistake?” asked Piper looking nervous.

“No, Grandma. Don’t you remember sending us train tickets? We’re here at the station in Springhollow.”

“Oh, did I?”

There was a long pause. “Yes, you did.”

“Oh, Pickles, I’m so sorry. I’m getting so forgetful these days. I’ll be there in half an hour.”

“Well, there we go! Only thirty more minutes,” said Pickles triumphantly.

“Good. I’m starved,” replied Piper.

The girls kicked back and waited. Thirty minutes went by. Sixty. Still no grandma. With a groan, Pickles pulled out her phone and called again.


“Grandma? Did you forget you’re coming after us?”

“Who is this?”

Pickles laid flat on the floor and pretended to die.