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Chapter 2: Bored on the Train

The girls plopped down in their seats in the front of the car. Looking out the window, Pickles waved like a lunatic at her dad, acting like she was going on a cruise. Beside her, Piper was debating on whether to look at her mom or not.

“Is Mom behaving?” she asked staring down at the floor with her nails digging into the arms of her seat.

“Yes! She’s fine.”

“You’re lying.”

“Of course I’m lying. Your mom is standing there looking frightened out of her wits.”

“She doesn’t look like she’s about to jump on the train and yank me off, does she?”

Pickles continued waving and staring at her Aunt Sara. Her aunt had been totally against the trip. She still hadn’t gotten over their last investigation, “The Carnival of Zombies,” where the girls nearly died.

Thankfully, Pickles dad was all for them going. After all, it was to help his parents. What could possibly go wrong?

Pickles watched as her dad stepped back out of Sara’s view, and gave Pickles a thumbs up.

“All’s good! Dad just gave the thumbs up!”

Pickles finally looked out the window and waved. If her mom made a move for the train, Uncle Joe would grab her. Regardless, Piper didn’t feel safe until the train was a good mile from the station.

The train ride at first was fun. The girls spent the first couple hours playing games. Then, reading. But six hours in – the scenery was nothing but trees, and Pickles was dying of boredom.

“You’re not,” said Piper giggling. Her face was already turning red. She curled up in her seat staring at Pickles, knowing it was coming.

“Yes, I am,” grinned Pickles as she sat staring intensely at the floor.

“Oh no.”

“Oh yes!”

In a flash, Pickles was up with her hands on the window yelling, “BIG FOOT!!! OH MY GOSH! IT’S BIG FOOT! LOOK AT HIM RUN! OOPS…HE TRIPPED. YOU KNOW THAT HAD TO HURT!”

There were giggles from people in the car. Piper buried her head in her hands and couldn’t stop laughing. Little kids raced to the windows desperate to see Big Foot. Turning around to face everyone in the car, Pickles double fist pumped and yelled, “BEST DAY EVER!!!” That brought more laughter from the adults. A few little kids yelled out, “You liar! There wasn’t no Big Foot!” Pickles laughed, spinned and plopped back down in her seat.

Piper looked over at her, still ready to die a thousand deaths, and noticed a young businessman in the seat across the aisle filming them with his phone. When he stopped, Piper called over to him, “Bet you’re glad you don’t have kids like her.”

“Thanks a lot,” said Pickles.

“Actually, I wish I did!” he laughed. “Mine are too serious. Take after their mother.”

Pickles looked over at Piper with a smile of victory. Looking back at the man, she stood up and said, “Let me give you my business card.”

The man laughed, “Business card?”

“It’s to my vlog. If this doesn’t turn your kids into weirdos – nothing will,” she said with pride.

“That’s for sure,” chimed in Piper.