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Chapter 1: The Letter

Dear Pickles and Piper,

Your grandfather and I are in need of your assistance. Last week, a couple sheep disappeared, and this week, my beloved Pimples vanished! I’m sorry this has nothing to do with zombies. I know how much the two of you love them.

Enclosed are a pair of train tickets. Looking forward to seeing you in a couple days.


PS: You’ll have to sleep in the barn. Turd has taken over the second floor. Last week, he pushed Grandpa down the stairs and now he’s in a wheelchair. Hope you don’t mind milking the cows.

Pickles jumped up on her bed waving the letter about yelling, “WE’RE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE!

“Hand over the letter, Bilbo,” said Piper.

“Why aren’t you up here celebrating? It’s not going to be a boring summer after all!”

Piper reached up and yanked the letter out of Pickles’ hand. Pickles watched as she walked about the room carefully reading every word.

“If you were a ginger, you’d be smart enough to understand a simple letter,” said Pickles with a big grin as she plopped down on her bed.

“Shut up, pillock,” mumbled Piper. “There’s something wrong with this letter.”

“Ok, Sherlock, tell me. Let’s hear your dazzling brain at work.”

“First of all, she put your name first. She never does that.”

“Maybe she’s finally caught on that gingers are more awesome than browns,” said Pickles with a nasty grin.

Piper raised one eyebrow and gave her a skeptical look. “She also used ‘grandfather’ instead of ‘the old poop.”

Pickles sat upright.

“Ah! Now I’ve got your attention. Follow along Watson. She ends with ‘lots of love,’ since when?” asked Piper.

“She always ends with ‘your partner in crime,”’ replied Pickles, now fully alert to all she’d missed. “Hand me that letter.”

“Not so fast, Watson! She signed it ‘grandma.”

“It should have been ‘your hairy lipped grandma,'” replied Pickles softly now looking thoroughly worried.

“Final question. Since when is the Turd aggressive?”

“Yeah, that doesn’t make sense at all.”

“There’s more to this case than meets the eye, Watson. We’d better get packed.”

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What is Piper like?

Piper has been a bit harder to find an image that fits her character. This was as close as I could get on Pinterest. This is definitely the way Piper prefers to dress. She loves old things. She’s much more serious than Pickles – and smarter, if you ask her. She keeps Pickles in line, but loves it when she acts a fool and gets them both in trouble.

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What is Pickles like?

I was searching through Pinterest looking for someone who reminded me of my character, Pickles. When I saw this little girl, I started laughing. Her expression is exactly how Pickles is when she’s bored.

Pickles is a barrel of laughs. She keeps Piper on her toes and is always getting them in trouble. The principal even engraved their names on two seats in his office. One teacher, in particular, retired after Pickles snuck a Whoopie cushion (loaded with brown gravy) under her.

That’s Pickles in a nutshell.

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